Thesis Milestone — now what next?

Now I’m getting to the scary part of my thesis — the end.  I have produced the first completed draft of the research and early next week it will go to my supervisors for their critique.  Although others have read and commented on passages in the past, this is the first full review of my research, writing and arguments/theory.  There is still a long way to go and I expect it will be October or November before it is ready for submission to be marked.

That raises the next challenge, to find two suitable markers — one  Australian and another international academic.  I have some input to the list of possible markers, but no control or influence on the final selection.  Not only do these two people have to be experts in my field of research, but have the time (and desire) to mark my work.

While I have my own pile of undergraduate marking to wade through, I’m giving some thought to my next project.  The first priority will be to write, practice and polish my presentation for the conference at Wolfson College at Oxford University in July.  I’m starting to get excited over that.

As for my next ‘big’ project, I’m considering using my thesis research as a template to produce a comprehensive oral history and online photo-story of my 84 year-old mother-in-law.  Some mind-mapping on a similar project around my parents (both deceased) is possible, but a challenge.  I have a short voice recording of my mother when she was 90 (1994) so I will be looking to interview four to six of their grandchildren and calling on their memories.  So more on these projects in the coming weeks and months.

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