Queen Adelaide – The story of Adelaide

The Dowager Queen Adelaide, shortly before her death in December 1849.  (from The story of Adelaide p.25)

The Dowager Queen Adelaide, shortly before her death in December 1849. (from The story of Adelaide p.25)

Did you know:

Queen Adelaide was born on August 13, 1792 in Meiningen, in Germany.  She married Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence, the third son of King George III when he was 53 and she was 25.  It was an arranged marriage, which took place in Kew Palace, London in 1818.  Prince William had ten illegitimate children before his marriage.  Princess Adelaide (as she became known), opened up her home and her heart to these children and cared for them as if they were her own.  Adelaide was instrumental in having the British Parliament enact laws to ensure that all children should be taught to read and write.  After the death of King William, Adelaide continued her charity work, donating money, mainly to assist disadvantaged children.  Adelaide died on December 2, 1849, aged 57 years and was deeply mourned by the English people.

The Queen Adelaide Society Inc. was formed in Adelaide by the late Dorothy Howie in 1981, mainly to promote our heritage ad knowledge of Queen Adelaide, te consort of King William IV of England.

When King William’s permission was sought to name the capital of the new colony of South Australia after him, he suggested rather that it be named Adelaide, after his Queen.

Throughout her life Queen Adelaide loved children and worked for better living conditions for the poor ad better education for all children.

The Queen Adelaide Society members work on a voluntary basis in her honour, supporting needy children’s charities in South Australia.  The committee organises fundraising activities and welcome the public’s support.  A donation from these activities goes to a chosen children’s charity each year.

This information was adapted from the publication; The Story of Adelaide and the Queen Adelaide Society Inc. informations sheet.  Further information about the activities of the Society and Queen Adelaide can be obtained from the Society’s web site.

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