Adelaide Photo treasures from the 1920s

What is in your ‘shoe box’?  This beautiful series of photographs of Adelaide in the 1920s.  I quote form the ABC web site:

Discovered in a filing box left in the old City Engineers Department of the Adelaide City Council in 2011, it is believed the photographs were taken from the bell tower of the General Post Office in the city.

Judging from the skyline and buildings, Adelaide City Council archivist Rob Thorton believes the photos were taken in either 1921 or 1922.

The first detailed series of photographs taken of the skyline since a panoramic shot taken in the 1866, the photos detail the progress of expansion and development over the five decades.

“We were amazed that these had lain dormant for all this time.

“We spent quite a lot of time almost drooling over them,” Rob laughed,” because it was such a comprehensive record of what the city looked like at that time.”

Black and White Adelaide – A collection of panoramic photographs show eight of the 12 photographs, enlarged and reproduced on canvas in the northern gallery of the first floor of the Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, from 12 May till 30 May 2014, as part of the About Time Festival.  Admission is free, so check it out.  

The Link to the ABC article.


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