The Nostalgia of Cemeteries – part 2

In May 2015 I wrote about a visit to the West Terrace Cemetery.  As a part of that story I also commented on the unmarked grave of a firefighter, killed in the City of Singapore Ship fire at Port Adelaide.  Since then the challenges of research revealed that Albert Greenman was also a WW I – Western Front – returned soldier.  His unmarked grave gives no recognition to his service to Australia both in war and peace.

The Metropolitan Fire Service is supportive of providing some form of recognition on his grave.  However, all efforts to find any surviving family has, until today, drawn a blank.  As testament to the value and power of research and the internet, a nephew of Albert found my 2015 blog and has contacted me.

While it is still too early to predict what may eventuate from this online meeting, I am hopeful of a headstone being placed on Albert’s grave.  I’ll keep you posted on any progress via my blog.

4 thoughts on “The Nostalgia of Cemeteries – part 2

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  2. Good evening Hugh,

    Yes I had corresponded with your Uncle (Shayne) but of late (maybe 3-4 years) he has not replied to any emails or texts, so I have been unable to keep him up to date, or have a direct descendant of Albert’s attend the commemorative service that was held on Tuesday. I also wrote to Shayne’s mother (in Victoria) a couple of times, but the most recent letter was returned.

    The research took me about three years and then another three years to work through the legal issues and raise the funds. Thankfully I received tremendous support from the MFS and the Fire Service Fund, the benevolent fund set up by MFS personnel provided the finance.

    I’m not sure if you live in Adelaide or SA, but there was a double page spread in last Sunday’s Sunday Mail regarding the grave, Albert Greenman, his infant son and mother-in-law, who are also buried in the same grave.

    If you send me your email address to: I can send you a copy of the article.

    I am sad that you did not get the opportunity of attending Tuesday’s ceremony, or to meet the two descendants of Albert’s wife (Laura) who are now both firefighters themselves. I actually worked with one of them when I was in the MFS.


    Dr David Sweet
    Adjunct Researcher
    University of South Australia


  3. Gday David,
    It knocked me off of my chair at work today to see the MFS out a post up on their social media this morning regarding my great great uncle Albert, my uncle Shayne had told me about a University professor researching this family member cut a 7 years ago now, and seeing the work and research you’ve done and getting a proper send off for Albert and his grave is amazing, is there any other way I can contact you David? My name is Hugh Matthews and I’d love to find out more about my great great uncle?

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