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Glen Osmond to Oxford

While this is a little presumptuous of me however, with a background of a few decades in public relations I thought: why not run a small campaign on myself?  In a few days I will be flying out to Europe with my ultimate destination being Oxford University.  Never, as a student at Glen Osmond Primary School and then on to Unley High, did I ever imagine being invited to present a paper at one of this prestigious University’s Colleges.

Class Photo, Glen Osmond Primary School 1955

Class Photo, Glen Osmond Primary School 1955

In early July I will be attending a three-day residential conference /workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford University and I have been invited to present a paper at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Summer School.  My paper: ‘Grandpa tell me about the olden days?  I have a school project to do.’ is an overview of my PhD thesis which will go out for examination later this year.  More about the presentation and thesis later.

Over the next four or so weeks I will update this blog regularly, talking about my travels, people I meet, some photographs (of course) and my experiences.  Currently I’m working to get all my marking and administrative tasks completed as the end of the current teaching period here at UniSA (University of South Australia) wraps up.  In addition, I’m scheduled to teach the PR Issues and Crisis Course when I return, so that also has to be available to students before I leave.

Follow my travels, leave a comment, let’s keep in-touch.  I may not reply immediately, but I will certainly read your comments.

4 thoughts on “GO to Oxford

  1. Hi Billy, Wow, what a nice surprise to hear from you. For an old bloke I’m doing okay – still enjoying part-time lecturing at UniSA (this is my fourth/fifth career). Thanks for your input to the names in the photo too.

    From the back row to the front row I think they are:
    Kym Farrent, Billy Cotter (you), David Sweet (me), Greg?, Ian ? (Possum), Ian Williams, Kym Batty, Trevor McGowan, (middle row) Barry McKinnon, Jennifer ??, Darlene Cooper, Helen ?, ? Wakefield, Glenis Keen, ?? (front row) Helen Robinson ?, ??, ??, Terry Machin.

    Darlene Cooper contacted me about 18 months ago too. As to the rest of this group I have lost track of them over time. Ian Williams I ran into when I was a Firefighter in the 80s. John Horowitz, you may remember from school is a renowned medical specialist, it would be nice to hear of what the others have done though.

    You mentioned that you discovered this photo/blog by accident, what were you researching?
    David (Sweetie)


  2. Hi David , you are third left back row standing along side me second left , I remember you well . I might misspell some of the names but here goes. Standing along side me extreme left is Kym Farren ? , second right back row Kym Battey ? and for sure Terry Machin front row sitting with the girls . Most of the faces are familiar but I cannot for the life of me put names to them mores the pity. Its good that you have obviously done very well in your life and hope you are keeping well.
    Those were great days to remember but with the passing of time some of the memories are beginning to fade . I found the old school photo purely by accident , my good fortune. All the best Sweetie , really happy to hear from you , your old school friend Billy.


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