A Weekend in Paris

DAS_2420What a beautiful and exciting city and why is this only the first visit?  The traffic is horrific, but it flows and when on holidays it is not a problem.  The people are friendly, the food delicious and the atmosphere, entertaining.

Staying in the Latin Quarter is a treat.  Every corner, every tree-lined boulevard, every ally-way is a new experience.  I love the old buildings, the architecture, the iron work and the monuments.  As for the sites to see, they are almost endless.  It is a city of sirens.  Never one police vehicle, but usually three or more in convoy.  The ‘police’ are dressed in full riot gear with four or five to a vehicle.  However, there is the beat cop and traffic cop in shirtsleeves doing their duty.

Palais de Luxembourg

Palais de Luxembourg. Strolling through the gardens in the evening is truly relaxing.

Taking a few bus trips around Paris to be come familiar with the city is good value.  People strolling, standing in endless lines to enter a special place, lovers in the parks and gardens, sitting drinking coffee and wine, kids being kids  – the experience is different for everyone.



In the Latin Quarter

In the Latin Quarter

As a photographer I cannot put my camera down.  People, places, monuments, ancient attractions or just the city-scape, it is my delight.  I can see why Henri Cartier-Bresson photographed Paris and had the decisive moment in his photography.

DAS_2351I stood for two hours in light rain watching the Paris ‘Gay Parade’.  Thousands of people participated and thousands more lined the streets.  From the outlandish costumes – a guy (I assume) in leather, muzzle and on a dog chain crawled the whole route – to the beautiful, or those making a statement, the parade had it all.

St Severin

St Severin

It is very hard to walk past the numerous coffee ‘houses’.  Although a ‘long black’ coffee here is two-shots and strong.  Arrr the smoking though.  So many smokers – it seems more young women than men – and in the restaurants, even the staff smoke.

In my next post I will talk of specific places that are special – certainly the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and The Louve, and the beauty of Str Chapelle.

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