Photographic Oral History



It seems that where ever I look in the media lately there are stories and articles about Baby Boomers and their history, or recently re-discovered photographs of ancestors or of important moments in a family’s ancestry.  Discovery is fine, but what of the legacy?  What I plan is to develop a series of oral history research projects using the person’s own photographs to help tell the story.  these images whether from photo-albums, or shoe boxes are memory-makers that add vitality and a richness to these narratives.  How I will ‘store’ these photo-narratives is somewhat more complex.  Should I use only social media, maybe transcribe the interviews and produce photo-books, make a multimedia product, or just have the raw data on a USB or DVD?  Is there just one medium that will be best to use?

I’ll think about this over the coming few weeks and see what other ideas I come up with.

[posted May 15, 2014]

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