Look in the mirror

Service MedalsI normally refrain from commenting on newspaper reports or ill informed rants on social media.  So often the Australian media is opinion and not reporting, and social media, well that seems to cater for 150 characters of typing and not much else.

Reported in mainstream media last night and today has been the claim that Woolworths either mistakenly or deliberately tried to make some commercial mileage out of the approaching centenary celebrations around our ANZAC tradition.  This has led to a flurry of social media comments.  What has annoyed me more than Woolies making a singularly bad corporate decision has been to number of people who have dismissed this incident as something nothing.  That disappoints me, so I have this to say.

To those who are claiming that this is a non-story, or not important please stand in front of the mirror and open your eyes.  You (and we in Australia) are enjoying your/our freedom and quality of living today, because of the sacrifices these men and women (and their families) have made over decades.  It is not glorifying war or conflict, it is about the safety and protection of a way of life we have come to expect.  No, I have not served in a theatre of war, but I certainly respect and honour those who have.   ANZAC is a time of reflection that must not be sullied by crass commercialism by Woolworths, any other business, or an individual.

Lest we forget.

1 thought on “Look in the mirror

  1. David
    I totally agree with your comments.
    I haven’t seen the Woolies’ stuff but I saw the commercialisation of Anzac in a couple of major department stores in Sydney last week. They were selling swags and a chance to bed down in Camp Gallipoli and even wear Aussie digger gear (which you could but=y at a greatly inflated price)…And don’t get me started on the Anzac Cookies one Australian company has been selling for years through cafes. COOKIES f.f.s!
    My great uncle was awarded the Military Medal twice in a five week period on the western front when he was a stretcher bearer. People like him would be appalled at this commercialisation I’m sure.
    I think it’s time your mate Action Man came down very heavily on these so-called entrepreneurs. He’d get total support in the big house on the hill..


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