Oral History Australia – national secretary

It is always interesting where your life choices take you.  When I commenced my ‘academic career’ I was dedicated to teaching communications, public relations and media.  While I still have an avid interest in this area of business and my teaching remains in communications, my research interests are now focused on social history, cultural studies, ethnography and oral history.

From today I taken on the role of the (Hon) secretary of the national body, Oral History Australia.  Anne Johnson, the retiring secretary has not only done a fantastic job over the past couple of years, she has been exceedingly well organised in providing the perfect hand-over.  I have big shoes to fill.

If you have an interest in oral history, or want to learn more about this fascinating means of capturing people’s past, check out the orgainsation’s web site here.  There are also links to the various State bodies and local contact details.

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