A New Appointment

There is no such thing as a free lunch – well that is a common ‘tongue in cheek’ statement from those who have the opportunity to eat on someone’s expense account.  For me it was not so much as a free lunch but a very successful presentation at the recent conference I attended at the University of Vienna.

Entrance to the historic University of Vienna, with Vienna university colleagues Lisa, Christine and David.

The historic University of Vienna, I’m with Vienna university colleagues Lisa, Christine.

The subsequent request came as a surprise, but not for a free lunch.  I was approached to join the editing team, led by Associate Professor Ian Conrich, and have now been appointed as one of two assistant editors for the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies.  My colleague, Jenny Wagner, a former PhD candidate at UniSA who has returned to the US to complete her thesis, is the other assistant editor.  I will be Jenny’s support until I learn the ropes and take on a little more responsibility to ease her workload.

Jenny Wagner: Vienna Natural History Museum, July 2015.

Jenny Wagner: Vienna Natural History Museum, July 2015.

The journal is published by Intellect Journals (ISSN 2050 4039) and is a newer academic publication in its third year.  This is a trans-displinary peer reviewed journal.  Disciplines covered include the humanities and the social sciences and subjects such as cultural studies, history, literature, film, anthropology, politics, and sociology.

A Viennese Waltz to complete my stay

A shop window waltz

A shop window waltz

I am sad to be leaving Vienna.  While I have been here for over five days, much of the time was in the conference.  However, the organised side trips and opportunities offered through the Vienna University and the Centre for New Zealand Studies added a level of enjoyment.  As with most conferences, it is the people you meet also.  I have been spoiled with the friendships offered throughout this trip and there are more to come.  Follow this link to my notes and photos of my final night in Vienna.

A Vienna Conference

Today (Wednesday) was the opening of the New Zealand Studies Association Conference.  The first of four days and my presentation is on Saturday morning, thankfully before lunch.

While I have only been in Vienna just a little over 24-hours, I like the city.  It has a vibe about it, especially with daylight-saving.  I only know two other people at this conference however, with three new friends the four of us stopped off at a Viennese beer house, Hofbrau Munchen – well a German franchise – for a quick beer and five hours later we wandered back to the hotel.  What were a mixed crowd of blokes, one from Spain, an American a German and me, the Aussie.

The essence of Vienna, a carriage and pair on Universitats adjacent to the Vienna University.

The essence of Vienna, a carriage and pair on Universitats adjacent to the Vienna University.

Food, coffee and beer seem to be the common denominator so far in this city.  As for the conference, well the speakers were okay but I expect to get more out of tomorrow.  My other wanderings since arriving in Vienna can be read here.

Kicked three goals – but I’m 30 meters out for the fourth and running hard

I have kicked three goals – three abstracts submitted and three acceptances. That is a turn up for me.

The first paper is: Nostalgia and Legacy of the family photographic collection, with the NZ Studies Association conference at the Vienna University in the first week of July. Then in September I will present a paper titled: Vida – a pastor’s wife (an oral history) at the national Oral History Conference in Perth (my former stamping ground). Paper number three, I have just been advised is at the inaugural IABA Conference in the South Pacific, here in Adelaide. That paper is titled: Three Generations – oral history through photographs on display.  

Photos on the Wall

As for goal number four, the thesis, I’m still at the 30 meter mark, but dead in front of the goal.  Keeping up with the Aussie Rules analogy, a good drop punt will sail it through the two big sticks (the two independent examiners).  So between now, plane flights to Austria, a return via the Philippines, and preparing for the Perth National Oral History conference I will have the thesis wrapped up in a nice little bow – soon.